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[EVDL] Energy Economy Technological Advancement & EVs

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What powers the world? Energy. What powers world economies? Energy. What
powers communications? Electrical Energy. What powers our homes?
Electrical Energy. What powers technology? Electrical Energy. What gives
us light? Electrical Energy. What allows us to communicate with someone
on the other side of the planet? Electrical Energy.

What powers transportation? Fossil fuel energy. (uh, what happened
here?) Anyone else see a problem with this?

Almost all of the technologies today run on electricity. We've had
electric cars for over 100 years. Why aren't EVs in every driveway?

According to this: and
this we
should all be driving EVs by now.

Electricity and electric motors drive our entire economic and industrial
world, yet they are probably not in 1% of all human transport vehicles.
Go figure...

According to on the history page, the
problem is attributed to a marketing error almost 100 years ago. ;)

"...There were three hundred companies making electric cars in the early
1900's, and more than 30,000 electric vehicles on roads. Electric cars
looked like they were here to stay..." (is this true?)

"...Guess what really killed the electric car - at least, back in 1900?
A marketing error....when electric cars first went into mass production,
they were primarily made for, and marketed to, WOMEN. Picture poofy
couches, lace curtains, and bud vases as standard equipment ; ) One
small glitch in this happy, "separate spheres" scene: Most households
only had one car. Now, you know Poppa's not gonna be caught DEAD drivin'
no fluffy pink GIRLIE-mobile..." SOURCE:

Curious where those numbers are. Anyone know? Links?

If Plugin America is correct, and there are only 3,000 EVs on the road
today, and there were 30,000 back in the early 1900, what the hell
happened? Was it Henry Ford's gas drinking Model T, or was it human
nature that we chose the easy way?

So was it a marketing error, or human laziness, or human greed? Wait,
could it be all the above?


P.S. When is the "Revenge of The Electric Car"? It's about time ain't it? ;)

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