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Reminds me of my first car, DAF 46 with air-cooled 800cc engine.
Two cylinder boxer, one cylinder at each side of the crankshaft.
Even with the (automatic) clutch attached, I could lift it by
myself out of the car and walk over to the shed to put it on
my workbench.
The clutch was sticking, this automatic had a centrifugal
clutch that automatically threw 8 feet onto a ring when the
engine turned more than 1000 RPM, but one had its "shoe" come off
and it got jammed.

The same concept was modified for racing, only they made the
clutch engage at 7,000 RPM. Until the automatic clutch was
banned from racing, because they won too many races.
The DAF was the first car to have continuous variable transmission
as this was an invention from the same Mr van Doorne that gave
the DAF their name: van Doorne Automobile Factory (in Dutch).

Most DAFs had no differential, because each rear wheel was
independently driven by one automatic transmission, consisting
of a belt and two pulleys with moveable halfs.
Mine was the exception, it only had one transmission and used
a differential, to save cost. Drawback was that it did not get
as good performance, especially race-crossers loved the
independent rear wheel drive and won many tournaments with such
a car, usually with the most powerful variant, DAF 55.

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--- "Paschke, Stephen" <[email protected]> wrote:

> The ICE components do not weigh much in any air cooled VW. You may
> get rid of 500lbs. The engine is so light 1 strong person could carry
> it if it weren't so awkwardly shaped.
> Good Luck with your project. I'm sure you'll love it!
> > Stephen Paschke
> > Senior Consultant
> > Keane, Inc.
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> Subject: Re: Karmann Ghia Design - System voltage
> Thanks Bruce for the valuable battery sizing and donor info!
> I neglected to include weight stats - a 70ish Ghia weighs close to
> 1900 lbs curb weight. I do not have GVW - anyone else know? I'm
> guessing the ICE components removed will be around 600 lbs.
> The main occupants
> of the vehicle will be myself and my lab/boxer - combined weight of
> 200lbs. I would like to add a passenger along with said pup
> occasionally - with the pup on a flat bed I envision to go over the
> batteries that will reside in the back seat.
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