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[EVDL] Enginer Plug-in Specs?

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Hi Folk's,

In looking at the manual on for the chinese plug-in Prius hybrid conversion kit, it advertises 5kw for the 48V to +200V dc-dc converter, then on the last page drops to 4kw and then on the schematic shows 3kw and shows a 100A 48V breaker (which would imply the 3kw). I guess it doesn't matter that much if it dribbles/assists the existing gas motor over a 15-30 mile trip to work (with a 2kwhr $2k or 4kWhr $3.5k pack) but if they fudge on those specs i wonder how good the battery balance/BMS is that *really* matters. One customer on a feedback forum said it let the LiFePO4 (look like T-Sky) batteries go below 80% DOD, I'm not sure how to verify this but if someone knows, that would be nice (don't see that level of detail on the website).

If I do 30 miles in my EV at 10kwhr (like my 10kwhr ), I would think the 2kwhr $2k pack would be 6 miles range (or dribbled out/assist a 15 mile trip). The 4kwhr pack should give 12 miles equivelant then (or dribbled out over 24 miles). Their 40 mile claim is incorrect with 4kwhr max stored. Also there's that spare tire thingy. I was told i could pull the 200lb 4kwhr box out for trips, but upon looking at it, that didn't seam very practical. Maybe I could mount the spare on the side of the car, back or roof loke a Jeep. I wonder what that would do to aerodynamics :)

(I seam to run over nails more than most folk's, last week the Prius side-wall was slit and I've had 3 flats in my EV, luckily I made a mini-spare from a 66' Beetle). Half of the flats Fix-A-Flat wouldn't help (sidewall). Then there's that extra weight, reduced MPG for trips (like the Volt at 35mpg Pop Mechanics, now NY Times verified). We went through this with a series hybrid Vega we did at the DEVC back in the early 80's, seams like we're repeating history (or GM doesn't read the EVlist :)

Hmmm, still seams like a dedicated EV is the best.....

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