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Not every one will ever buy an electric vehicle, even if its mandated by law that they all have to be electric in the future !!! I own 2 of them now, a 82 ElCamino custom, that ran a 69 chevelle 454 in the ground,,with NO NOISE, his headers were open, and in the 1/4 mile I beat him about 4 car lengths. Now hes looking at an EV. I embarrassed him to all his friends, The 76 Nova is an automatic trans set up. I* may be building alot of them for people , differant types of cars, not many 76 2 dr Novas left, and also I did a FWD auto trans set up, more to build? who knows.

But by reading Erics posts He may be coming around to what WE do here. build and discuss EVs. Why are the auto manufactures starting to build them on mass? who knows, maybe they want a part of the pie that always starts from a guys garage and catches on . My did they all start building Hi Perf cars in the 60s? because guys did it first in their garages. Do I know everything there is to know about EVs??? Hell no, but each one is a learning experience to make the next one simpler and better. and so far business is good. I posted that I own 5 cars, well I do and said i was looking for a 6th, Yep, will it be another EV. hell no, I have 2, a Rolls Royce, I found one thats cheaper than a new hyundai LOLOL . I owned one when I was living in Fla, building Evs best damn car ever built, bar none . and it will be, at my age the last car I ever own.
Can GM,Ford build a full battery car that gets range people need. who knows, but I bet it cost more than you can afford.,, ever see new car prices go down?? LOLOL. That will be the day .. "and its under 30,000$" lolol 29,999,99 is more like it.

Eric, go find some with an EV, play with it, see what there all about, forget all the crap about marketing, cup holders, bla bla, people like em, they have fun with them.
I stop by the gas station every day to get a pack of smokes and coffee with my EV, people always ask about it, the gas station owners tell me over the loud speaker to "hit the road" LOLOl .

Before I sold my 83 S-10, I had it 4 years, drove it everyday to my shop, and did NOT put one dime in it except charges, and that was every other day .
Think about that...-0- expense, except charging.... People hear about that and it gets their attention real fast. Dont wait for one to hit the market, build your own. We will help you if you get in a bind..just remember, the pointy end of the screw driver goes to the screw LOLOL
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