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[EVDL] Euro-spec i-MiEV: range:100mi ts:80mph 0-60mph:13s | crash video | AU's First5

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[image] Mitsubishi=92s electric vehicle i-MiEV launches across 15 =

European Countries Jan 19 2011 ... The car is fitted with a 7kW =

motor and is said to go from zero to sixty miles per hour in 13 =

seconds reaching a top speed of 80mph. Mitsubishi i-MiEV is also =

reported to deliver a mileage of approximately 99 miles before needing
to be recharged ...

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation (MMC) started producing the i-MiEVs for =

Europe starting October last year and shipped approximately 2,500 =

units in initial three months. The company has also reported to have =

received requests to introduce the i-MiEV in Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey =

and Finland ... [ =A92008 - 2010. All rights reserved.]
[image & video] Mitsubishi i-Miev crash test video
by Suzanne Ashe Jan 20 2011 The Mitsubishi i, powered by Miev =

(Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle) technology, will be arriving
in the United States in the fall.

The subcompact urban car boasts 63 horsepower and 133 pound-feet of =

torque. The Japanese-made car runs on an lithium ion battery packs and
has an expected range of 85 miles.

Here's a 50-second frontal crash test ... at about 40 mph. The crash =

test shows that the Mitsubishi i offers good protection to the driver
and passenger ... [=A9 2011 CBS Interactive. All rights reserved.]
[image] Jan 20 2011 ... tests shows these vehicles are as safe as any
other car ...
[image] Businesses vie for "First50" electric cars BY FRANCES STEWART
16 Jan 2011 ... There are now two electric car models on the market =

in Australia the Mitsubishi iMiEV and the Blade Electron and they are
in short supply. But the First50 collaborative project ... aims to =

have 50 electric cars on Canberra's streets by the end of April ...

"With the First50 project, we're offering the best value comprehensive
vehicle purchase and finance package we've ever seen for electric =

vehicles in Australia." The First50 project is now accepting deposits
and processing orders for iMiEV or Electrons, which are expected to =

come with a free ''green'' energy recharge deal for the first 12 =


Origin Energy is working towards having two or three public charge =

stations around Canberra operational within months, while Better Place
Australia's public charge point at the Belconnen Markets is already =


Better Place will build about 1000 recharge points in the ACT to =

cater for fixed-battery electric vehicle models in coming years. Users
pay by using a subscription swipe-card.
[=A9 2011. Fairfax Media.]
[image] Mitsubishi announces EV sales centre locations 11 Jan 2011 =

... 13 centres have been licensed for the sale of its i-MiEV electric
vehicle. ... made available through the government's Plug-In Car =

Grant. The scheme offers up to =A35,000 off the cost ...

London is home to two of the 13 approved sales centres - Motor Wey in
Putney and the London Electric Vehicle Centre - with the rest being =

spread across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Each sales centre has two fully trained staff to deal with i-MiEV =

sales, an electric car charging point and a demonstration vehicle, =

which will allow customers to test drive the model in a "real life =

situation" ... [=A9 2011 IBTimes Company. All Rights Reserved.]


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