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I read alot of why no one can make a go of a good EV Business, BULL< I have been doing this since 1974, and have made a great deal of money doing it. If you cant make a living at this your not doing it very well or your charging way to much. When I was living in New Port Richey Fla. I made about 150 of them over lets say 10 years, they went to the retirement communities, some town utilities, even made a bunch for Fla, Power, I used any car/ truck that they could send me. and never had any problems with battery install, but the state may have had a law change since 2000, when I moved to Kansas. but at that time I bought every fork lift motor I could from the salvage yards. ADC or net gain didnt have any yet.

Now since I moved here they go in and out of my shop all the time. I take time to do things to improve the system, now I have a RWD auto trans and a FWD auto trans that works. have a back to front motor coupler for 2 motors, either 9 or 11 inch , send adaptor and couplers all over the states.

I have even started sending EV conversions to Europe, they already have gone to Canada, and the Caribbean. The next project is a class 8 truck, on paper it all works, we may have a spotter truck in the shop real soon. quick change battery packs, on demand airbrake air supply, same with power steering.

It doent take much to make a business run well... BUT I will say I had 1 EV that went wrong, but all the customer had to do was send it back and all would be taken care of ,, but they never did.

I had my business up for sale and had a buyer until the last minute. and their funding fell through
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