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[EVDL] ev datalogs

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I recently did a 58 mile drive over what for me is typical routes at speeds
between 35 and 65 mph. Graphs of data logs of altitude, speed, current,
voltage, and Ah used, can be seen at:

Current and voltage were sampled once per second, altitude and speed once
per 3 seconds. Regen was 9.9% of charge out of the pack. Net energy used
was 10.37kWh, 178Wh/mile, or about 204 gpme for 36.4 kWh/gal. This was
calculated from summing the point by point products of current and voltage,
which is a bit lower than my usual estimate by the product of net Ah used
and nominal pack voltage, which in this case was 91.3Ah*115V= 10.5kWh.
Presumably due to voltage sag being taken into account in the former.
Description of the car is at:

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