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I'm not too proud to admit I don't know what I don't know. With that in
mind, I'd appreciate any pointers about general EV-specific driving
techniques. Starting with the basics of acceleration, please let me know if
I've got this wrong:

Acceleration (for absolute max. efficiency/range):

- keep battery amps as low as possible (ie. proverbial egg under the foot)
- use all the gears (ie. 1st to 2nd to 3rd)
- permit the motor to rev up high in each gear before upshifting (ie.
3000-5000 RPM)

Acceleration (for quickest rate thereof):

- maximize amp draw, but ensure voltage stays above 1.75v per cell
- upshift when amps start dropping in each gear (ie. upshift *sooner* than
in efficiency mode)
- possibly start out in 2nd, vs. shifting 1st to 2nd?

Once at speed, I assume the best choice is to go for most efficiency - ie.
choose a gear that permits the motor to spin in the neighbourhood of
3000-5000 RPM.

Keep in mind this is a 48vdc car (e.g. 5000 RPM is more or less unattainable
except going downhill). I'm not sure if techniques differ depending on
power availability (ie. staying in one gear in a high-powered EV with a
free-revving motor).

thanks for any feedback -
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