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[EVDL] EV high power charger idea... and backup power for your house

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Interesting charging idea....

A PFC 20 amp charger will put out a maximum of 20 amps DC if I
understand correctly. For a 144 volt battery bank, this is about
3.6kW of charging.... $1,700 or so for the charger.

What if you used a Xantrex XW series inverter instead. With switches
to change the battery bank to three parallel 48 volt banks during
charging. It can charge at either 100A or 85A (depending on model) --
equivalent to 28 or 33 amps at 144 volts, and is power factor
corrected as well. This is a bit more current than the PFC20. You'd
have to plug it into a 50 or 60A outlet.

Price is quite a bit more.... $3,600 or $4,500 MSRP for the 4.5kW or
6kW units. Plus the cost of contactors to reconfigure the battery

But you also could use it for backup power for your house -- these
inverters have all of the transfer switches built in and are UL listed
for this -- unlike some of the solutions I heard proposed earlier this
week.... which were a little scary. And, my understanding is that
these inverters have a more sophisticated charging profile compared to
many of the EV chargers out there (not sure about the PFC). The
inverter has a full four stage charger (bulk, absorb, float, and
silent). And is isolated between the AC and DC sides.

Hmmm. Interesting idea.


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Zeke Yewdall wrote:
What if you used a Xantrex XW series inverter instead.

Zeke, should that have been SW series?

John in Sylmar, CA
with 2 SW5548 on solar. Easy dump charge.

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