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Due to favorable response to our January seminar, it will be repeated
in March and April. This is an expanded version of our one-day
seminar, with more in-depth material. It is organized in three
one-day modules, which can be taken separately or in any
combination. The first day is a non-technical seminar, "Owning &
Using an EV", which includes benefits of EVs, what are the choices
for acquiring one, safety issues, driving, charging, insuring,
registering, etc. The second day is a technical seminar, "EV
Components", a guide to which components you need in an EV, and what
are some of the available choices, and differences among them. The
third day is also a technical seminar, "Working on EVs". This covers
design and fabrication issues of doing a conversion; tips, tricks,
and techniques to make it easier; and troubleshooting.

Space is limited, pre-registration is required. For details, see

Mike Brown
Electro Automotive, POB 1113, Felton, CA 95018-1113 Phone 831-429-1989 email [email protected]
Electric Car Conversion Kits * Components * Books * Videos * Since 1979

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