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[EVDL] EV4sale: $8500 '97-Hyundai-Accent 112V 30-mi-range Bay-City-MI

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[Found on CL - nice pics on ad]

'97 Hyundai ELECTRIC CAR! - $8500 (Bay City)
Date: 2010-09-15, 7:05PM EDT
Reply to: sale-ppdbm-1956127599 [at]

Careful and recent conversion of a '97 Hyundai Accent. All new components include; ADC 19hp motor, Curtis 400A controller, 14 Interstate 8V batteries (112V), Insulated and heated battery compartment, Russco 2-stage on-board battery charger, DC-DC converter, Quartz cabin heater, Vacume assist Power brakes, Dash mounted Ammeter, Voltmeter, SofC meter & appropriate indicating lights. Safety features include; Battery hold-downs to frame, Battery venting system, AC cord drive-away inhibit. Appropriate fuses and breaker. All schematics and revised owners and Haynes manuals as well as driving and charging tips for electric vehicles.

No gas, no oil, no oil changes, no belts, no hoses, no spark plugs, no tune ups, no "check engine" light or sludge in the driveway.
Top speed 65 mph, range 40 mi. ultimate, 30 mi. practical.
Waiting for next generation LIFEPO4 batteries to more than double that.
What % of your local trips are under 30 mi? Go ELECTRIC and pass gas!

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