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<<<< I was told that they were not/would not use their fuel vapour
technology on the genset because it was not cost-effective; they may
have reconsidered, but if so, then the performance demonstrated in
competition is unlikely to be achieved in a production version of the
vehicle. If they didn't use their fuel vapour technology on the
genset, then I am highly skeptical of claims of approx 2x the fuel
efficiency that the base ICE achieves in a motorbike. I appreciate
that the eVaro is quite aerodynamic, however it is a larger vehicle
than the original bike and has the additional losses of series hybrid
operation (genset losses + drive losses). >>>>

Those who want their fuel in a fully gaseous state should try CNG. It
was probably trying to run the ICE on vaporized fuel that made FVT
fail the emissions part of the X-Prize (uneducated guess: excessive

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