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Below is an article about hidden costs of various "Green" scenarios and my
reply to the remarks about Hybrid Maintenance expenses being higher.

In this article partly about hybrids; published today, one paragraph says,
"Engine problems can be pricier, because many mechanics aren't familiar with
hybrids' high-voltage drive systems, says Bob Rodriguez, manager of special
testing programs at the National Institute for Automotive Service
Excellence, a trade group. Consequently, hybrids are likely to wind up
getting worked on at a dealership, where overhead costs are often higher
than at independent shops." IMHO It seems reasonable to expect the same
situation with pure electric vehicles also.

And this is EXACTLY the problem I want to solve with an upgrade training
school for independent Mechanics so they learn to work "Smarter" on Hybrids!
For over 40 pages of information on this topic go to:

* * then contact me please.
There are no lies from me here, just sound *Vocational Training *at a
reasonable price (Less than some schools charge to learn how to do Nails or
Manicure!) We spend at least 3/4 of the time working on real cars with real
parts not doing computer simulations! Also the other =BC of the time learni=
troubleshooting theory and entrepreneurship so you can be more likely to be
successful in operating as an Independent Service Business.

++++to avoid a solicitation do not read below this line.+++++ [8^) *

*End of year Special this week*, we need 100 interested trainees to promise
in writing to take the course and to post a 10% refundable deposit (That is
only $250 and refundable if we don=92t get at least 100 trainees!) then *cl=
could start on March 15th 2011*. *You have my personal guarantee!*
*Dennis Lee Miles* (Director) *E.V.T.I. inc*.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM <> *(Adviser)*
EVTI-EVAEducation Chapter
The "Stone Age" didn't end because they ran out of Stones;
It ended because they started using their Brains !
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