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Best fun is to give FUN - Let someone DRIVE your EV, share building an EV w=
ith someone, especially kids.. Smile that Smile!
I always suggest we take my car when going with a friend, giving them a bre=
ak from driving and an EV experience. If there is time I stop & let them=
drive part of the way. =

Tesla owners who drive politicians in Parades do us all a service! =

The Tesla Angel who let me drive his car has change my already EV life!!=
Sorry, I am not buying a Tesla but it makes LiFePos batteries seem much mo=
re affordable!
Instead of needing a truck to haul my bees, I realize now I can build a lig=
ht weight hive trailer and tow it for the few time a year I need to haul be=
es. Definitely more fun than owning another vehicle of any kind of power=
AS my mom used to say .. 'You gotta make your own FUN'

I don't shop where I can't charge. & thanks to Grocery Outlet Oakland wh=
o gave me a friendly charge last week!! Not so fun...spending more than my =
budget while waiting!!
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Subject: Re: [EVDL] How can we combat negative EV information in the
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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to listen to a talk by John Passacant=
ando, former director of Greenpeace at Sustainability Week at the Universit=
y of Illinois. Now whether or not you're fond of Greenpeace or their met=
hods, you know they run the gamut of good press, bad press, etc and are exp=
erts at getting people's attention, positive press or not.

Which was interesting as John's message was that the environmental movement=
had stagnated and lost it's way, and that to solve this we need to get bac=
k to the core of WHY we do what we do -- he said he likes to ski and spend =
time outdoors, and that's why he first became involved: He likes to have=
FUN outside and wants to preserve it. And that the current environmenta=
l movement is not a very fun organization.

And so he determined that we need to be "Happy Warriors" and that fun and h=
appiness will not only make YOU feel better about the movement, but FUN and=
HAPPINESS is sexy and will attract people TO your movement.

This resonated strongly with me, because as ya'll know I can cite the resea=
rch, the graphs the surveys that spell out that NOT driving an EV for your =
daily driver is about as dumb as you can get, that biofuels don't even come=
close to dirty grid-based electricity powering a funstainably-sized EV and=
so you're stupid and your ruining our environment AND causing people to di=
e needlessly in the pursuit and protection of black gold.

BUT none of that is fun, and it's not truly why I spent $14k on an EV at fi=
rst. It's what I learned after the fact.

So, my FUN list (keep in mind I have a warped sense of fun):

1. It is FUN not paying 400-500 a year for a parking space
* The U of I is the only employer in town that charges =
employees for parking - The Twike is a motorcycle, and costs less than 1/4 =
of a car
- I've got free parking now (private), working with=
the University for Free EV parking...

2. It is FUN not knowing or caring what the price of gas is =
on a daily basis * it's actually more than fun -- LIBERATING. The FRE=
EDOM from this stress is the most significant change in my life from drivin=
g an EV.
* I do keep track of gas prices, just not on a daily ba=
sis... and I don't shop for a 1-5 cent cheaper gas anymore, I just buy it w=
hen I need it because it happens so rarely now. =

3. Stealth Mode is FUN -- you can hear kids laughing and pla=

4. Not having a stinky garage is FUN

5. Having people smile and wave at you on your morning commu=
te is FUN -- the Twike kinda sticks out a bit...

6. Jamming on the pedals to Queen on Pandora radio with the =
RagTop Down is FUN
(I installed an amplifier/stereo and 1/8" audio jack to=
my Blackberry plus Pandora which makes a Poor Man's Satellite Radio)
-- it's illegal while driving a vehicle (e.g. a bicycle=
) to wear headphones/earbuds -- however there's nothing like pedaling to a =

7. Not getting rained on, windburn/frozen, drenched in sweat=
(from bicycling to work) and yet still get to pedal is FUN.

8. Having students stop for YOU is FUN (we have a big pedest=
rian/bicycle problem on campus -- they don't look or stop for vehicles even=
when they don't have the right-of-way). That frustration is *gone* as I=
can now carve between them if they don't stop, but most of the time now th=
ey pause to gawk ;-) =

Find your own fun list, and share that! EVGrins are more valuable that y=
ou know... get the PRESS in your EV and driving it ;-)

[email protected]

p.s. As an aside, Tom Weiss from was staying at my ho=
use for Sustainability Week on his ride from Colorado to DC on his electrif=
ied Go-One3 trike, and it turns out that once upon a time he was an activis=
t with John. =

So after the talk we ended up clinking drinks at a local pub and it turns o=
ut John is really interested in EV's and electrifying his bicycle (used to =
work in a bike shop). Which worked out well because I hosted Kathrine an=
d Oliver Bock of earlier in the summer on their eRecumbe=
nt ride to Washington D.C., and Oliver is quite knowledgeable of how to ele=
ctrify bicycles (from a layperson's perspective -- what gives you the best =
bang for your buck and is easiest) so I was able to hook them up. *ALL* =
of this made possible by spending $14k on a Twike.

Then there's the X PRIZE, working with Team TW4XP, starting an EV Club... =

It's been a *very* FUN EV year.

Get an EV. It'll change your life: you'll have more fun. The days you=
can't drive your EV will be less fun. =


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