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[To the EVDL]

Ed Thorpe posted that the East Bay EAA Chapter will participate at the Silicon Valley EAA Rally Sat. Sept. 25th 10a-4pm at Palo Alto High School. More details at

There are lots of EV vendors shown at the bottom of that page. There may not be a new Leaf, or a Tesla on display, but there are sure to be some interesting EVs and other vehicles. Parking at PA HS is ample, and when full, the public walks from the shopping center across the street. Food and drink vendors will be there to satisfy your appetite.

The public can come attend for free. If you want to display, the SVEAA asks for a nominal fee to offset the cost PA HS requires to use their parking lot. If you are an EV business, it is a very cost effective way to 'get-known'. TV crews and other media usually do attend to document the EVent.

If you have not been to one of these, its usually worth your while to come for at least an hour, see what is new, and network with EV people. Though it is open 10a to 4pm, I feel the best time window is 11a to 2pm.
It always amazes me how so many people come just as the EVent is over and I have to tell them 'You missed a great show!'.

The public to come and see what is new, and its a good place to take the family so the kids can get introduced to EVs. There are usually Electric bicycles for the kids to try, and as part of the Rally, the public can get rides in EVs.

Bob Schneeveis usually comes with an interesting item. Whether is be a giant working tricycle with the front wheel the size of a Ferris wheel, to a Sheik's tent that he can drive around using a joy stick hidden under some Persian pillows with him and a couple of babes dressed in the poofy Arabian pants of old with the curvy pointed shoes and the gals with veils on. Once he brought a 2 wheeled solar powered EV with a seat that looked like it belonged on a front porch. That EV could spin like a top. Even a walking robot pulling a chariot was at the show one year. You never know what you will see.

I hope to be there to take more pics of 's finger-nail red Miyata EV conversion. It has a Li-ion pack, and a Curtis AC controller, with a PFC charger. Their EV business is EV components, so the conversion was only one example of how to use their products.

I hope to see you there :)

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EVangel: Full-Moon has risen

I suppose since my EV got munched and I am not currently driving Electric, =
I can not do a post using the subject I started back in the 90's of my EV a=
dventures and experiences: Ampabout
(I based it on the Aussie 'walkabout' only doing it in style with an EV).

So, perhaps the following is more of an EVangel topic (a messenger of=
good news)
as everywhere I go, I talk to people about EVents and EVs when the situatio=
n is appropriate. Since the Silicon Valley EAA Rally is fast approaching (t=
his Sat. Sept. 25th ), I have been yakking-it-up whenever possibl=

My daily exercise routine of bicycling and walking takes a significant port=
ion of my day (though you may not think so to look at me). Last week while =
a construction bulldozer driver was waiting for a neighbor to take the smal=
l scrap lumber pieces out of its scoop, I used the time to talk to the driv=
er. =

It turns out for a short time he worked for the U.S. Post Office and had dr=
iven an USPS Electric Postal Van built on the Ford Ranger chassis
He mentioned he helped put in the EV charging at USPS sites. I mentioned I =
knew Ray Levinson USPS Pacific Area Environmental Programs Manager had been=
instrumental in implementing EVs at USPS. The driver said, "Yea but they t=
ook them out of service because they only went 100 miles". =

I educated him that there are better batteries that can more than double th=
at (his eyes perked up). After the EV chargers were de-installed, they did =
not get dumped. They were stored and then re-used at other public EV chargi=
ng locations. I told him of Saturday's EVent, but he, his family and all hi=
s friends all live in Lodi. He and his fellow construction buddies do a 200=
-mile/four-hour polluting-commute each day (ouch). They won't be coming to =
the show but, at least he now knows EVs can go farther than 100 miles.

On my route, trying to avoid being hit again by the wild-and-crazy drivers,=
I stopped at a local gas-station that allows me to mooch air for my tires =
(not all stations do). When one of the young attendants came by to have sho=
rt chat. I mentioned the Rally to him, and he said he would let his family =
know. I knew not to talk this up to any of the other employees as they were=
following the owner's attitude: "Gasoline will be here forever" (I don't p=
ush-it as I regularly need to use their air-hose).

My route takes me to one of the local Supermercado's I patronize. However, =
I have found most local Latinos are interested in their SUVs and not in veh=
=EDculos el=E9ctricos. But not all: at last year's Rally a few Latino famil=
ies were in attendance, and it was a pleasure to talk with them, answering =
their EV questions.

Heading back cycling through a nearby affluent Atherton neighborhood, I sto=
pped to talk to a couple of older gentlemen who were out walking. Their acc=
ents told me they were originally from the UK. =

I normally try to be brief, using only a snippet of time to get my message =
(or in this case a quicky advisory of the upcoming SV EVent), and then leav=
e them in peace. I have found that I have to format my approach to the TV g=
eneration: people usually only remember a quick TV-commercial's worth of ti=
me. But these men were quite taken and interested in the topic. We had a ni=
ce chat about all things EV, and I hope to see them and their families at t=
he show.

I decided that Tuesday would be a good day to do a dry-run of a bike trip t=
o Palo Alto (I try to avoid driving my ICE). When I got up to the Palo Alto=
train station there is a nice wide bike path that runs South right by the =
Palo Alto High School. So, if ride to the Rally on Saturday, that path woul=
d be a good route (and a lot safer than El Camino Real).

Just off the path, I stopped to ask a couple PA HS students hanging out jus=
t off-campus at the shopping center, if they had heard of Saturday's EVent.=
They knew nothing about it, but were intrigued with the idea. =

But they quickly scattered like birds after seeing a school supervisor driv=
ing a school golf cart. She had no interest in EVs though she was driving o=
ne from the shopping center to the school grounds across the street. Where =
she immediately pounced on some students hanging out on campus like a schoo=
l-reg-Nazi. They did not use golf-carts to enforce rules at my High School =
(forty years ago).

I went into one of the Shopping Center's well-known yuppie markets: Trader =
Joes and yakked the EVent up with a store manager. He also did not know of =
the EVent, but said he planned to to come over and check it out. Another ma=
nager was pleased that it might bring more business to her store. =

Coming out of the store, I could see no construction or other issues with t=
he PA HS parking lot where the Rally is being held (this has happened in th=
e past). So, all should be good for this year's EVent!

After cycling farther south into Palo Alto and locking up my bike at Fry's =
Electronics (a hangout for geeks and techno freaks), I struck up an EV conv=
ersation with a fellow cyclist. He said, "Oh yea, I have heard of those sho=
ws ...". But he had never been to one. Hopefully, this year he and his fami=
ly will come.

After purusing Fry's Temple of Geekdom -or- Supermercado of Comput=
ers & Technology , I headed back for the long ride home. Saturday will be w=
arm but will miss the higher temperatures of next week. I plan to wear suns=
creen and light colored clothing. A vendor will sell food and beverages at =
the EVent.

I have only short time to spread the word of the EVent. To make it easier, =
I carry a color printout of the EVent's poster. I show it to both impress (=
ooh, purdy-pictures) and validate my discussions (who in the heck is this B=
ig Guy? ... and why hasn't the Fashion-Police carted him off?). With a 99.9=
% success rate of ending our talk on a pleasant note and them pleased to ha=
ve been informed, I feel confident I am justifying the handle I was given i=
n the 90's of EVangel . =

It was begining to get dark by the time I close to home, and my view was of=
the Full-Moon rising in the evening sky.


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I attended and documented the 2010 SV EAA Rally. The images I
took can been seen at

To save EVDL bandwidth, instead of posting EVent experiences,
you can read them at

-Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter
Undo Petroleum everywhere

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