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Pizza-delivery EV fleet Mechanic on-call Minneapolis MN 2010-10-13
[ref"petebonahoom"+pizza ]
Manufacturing Engineer degree-required Salinas CA 2010-10-09
Design Engineer degree-required Salinas CA 2010-10-08
Lead Power Systems Engineer degree-required Fountain Valley CA 2010-10-18
Electrician journeymen&trainees EV charging-installations S. CA 2010-10-16,61,27803,PowerElectronicsConversionDesignEngineerforElectricVehicles.htm
EV Power Electronics/Conversion Design Engineer degree-required Asheville NC
Senior Engineer CEC Battery-Specialist degree-required Scotts Valley CA 2010-10-08
EV/HEV Battery Test Engineer degree-required Sacramento CA 2010-10-11
EV/HEV Battery Repair Tech degree-required Sacramento CA 2010-10-05
Battery Test Engineer degree-required contract Pasadena CA 2010-10-19
GM Development Engineer Hybrid Battery Integration degree-required Milford MI 2010-10-01
Li-Ion Battery Chemist degree-required Mooresville NC 2010-10-21
[ref ]
Sr. Marketing & Sales Professional Los Angeles CA 2010-10-22
Personal-EV Sales Rep San Diego CA 2010-10-16
Personal-EV Sales Rep San Francisco CA 2010-10-16
Entrepreneurial Inside-Sales Light-EV Industry Chatsworth CA 2010-10-07
Technical Japanese-English Translator Contract-position Torrance CA 2010-10-12
EV Contract Coordinator degree-required Warren MI 2010-09-28
Public Relations Internship EV-infrastructure San Francisco CA 2010-10-14

EVjobs: 2010-10-03;cid=1287888715115-536

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