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Seems theres a lot of grumbling about Electro Auto, I have no clue why its going that way. When I get orders there sent out ASAP. No delays, no side steps. I cant always answer my phone when it rings and will call back ASAP. Maybe there swamped with orders? Maybe his butt itches and hasnt time to call back? When I had to call there for what ever . I most always got a call back from Bill , maybe the next day, But I have his direct number .

The ones that have been doing this the longest are getting older, like Mike, & me and a few others, were slowing down, we have bent bones, sore backs and the likes BUT !! Im still doing it. Steve said, the EV business is slowing down? and its a loosing business to be involved with? then why am I sending them out left and right??? Im looking at a 10,000 SF building right now to move in. I need the room.

Looks like EV-BLUE is going commercial big time, Like EA, I also had to ship parts out all over the country, even to Europe , adaptor plates and couplers, motors, controllers, I had made , . I have even gotten calls from people that have paid EA for parts and never got them, and I end up making the parts for the customer and shipping them out by weeks end . But thats between them of how it could be setteled . If a guy wants to make an EV business fly, they can and make a good living at it. I did, BUT ! you have to develop new ideas. keep up with the times, do things some else in the business hasnt done yet. If your business is slow now, dont watch internet porn, it make you go blind, think of what you can do to improve the EV you want to build

so when we go full time commercial, I can finally get away from building cars . They will be still called EVs, but ........ different.... thats all I will say for now...
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