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[EVDL] EVs run off of & store Irish Island Wind Power | Turn-in Rent-a-pish w/ empty

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[EVDL] EVs run off of & store Irish Island Wind Power | Turn-in Rent-a-pish w/ empty
Aran Islands welcome electric cars Eight vehicles make the trip
18 Jan 2011 Residents of the Aran Islands have begun their =

participation in what is believed to be Europe's first practical =

study on how integrating renewable energy, electric transport, =

storage heating and other environmental initiatives can lead to a =

sustainable, cost effective and money saving solution for all our =

energy needs.

The project was conceived by the Sustainable Energy Authority of =

Ireland and developed in conjunction with Electric Vehicle suppliers =

Green Machines, Merrion Fleet Management and Smart Metering =

specialists Klockner Moeller Ireland.

The electric Mega e-City vehicles are an integral part of the study =

that will run over the next three years and eight of these unique cars
were delivered to the Aran Islands this week ...

As part of the study the Mega e-Citys will be used as everyday =

transport by the participants. Their charging patterns and usage of =

electricity will be monitored and managed through a smart metering =

system. It is envisaged that when the vehicles are charging, primarily
at night, that they will be using energy from renewable sources. The =

excess power that is stored in the batteries of the vehicles would =

otherwise be wasted ... "The long-term aim of the islanders is to make
their home the first region of the country that is totally green in =

every sense of the word. Through the adoption of a smart home energy =

management system and the use of electric vehicle batteries as a =

source of grid energy storage ..."

The eight vehicles will be managed and serviced by Green Machines =

partners in the Project, Merrion Fleet Management and the Island =

Co-Ops. [=A92010]
Project's a breeze for islanders with wind-powered electric cars
By Brian McDonald Jan 15 2011 ... For the next three years some =

residents of the Aran Islands will drive electric cars, charged by =

wind power ... The cars have a top speed of 64kmh and a maximum range
of 80km ...

The Aran Islands currently draw a proportion of their electricity from
wind farms on Inis Meain and at Inverin on the Connemara mainland ...
"Under government plans to put 6,000 electric vehicles on the road by
2012, a grant of =805,000 is available for the purchase of electric =


"This project on the Aran Islands is a significant step and is among =

the first initiatives worldwide to demonstrate the potential for =

electric vehicles [fueled] by wind energy." []

Rent-a-pish will charge for refilling tank, but not for recharging =

No 'charges' for uncharged electric vehicle return: Enterprise =

Rent-a-Car Jan 15 2011 ... "[Enterprise] does not plan to charge =

customers for bringing back EVs without a full charge. Enterprise is =

installing charging stations at locations that will offer EVs, and =

plans to charge the vehicles once they're returned."

This would really be more of an issue with a full EV, like the Nissan
Leaf. Realistically, the ... plug-in hybrid ... gasoline tank ... =

that's where any concerns over extra charges should come in.

On the other hand, this statement is pretty much a blanket statement,
and should apply to full EVs as well, so good for Enterprise.


-- =

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