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OK Guys,
I now need advice before I go forward. Electro Automotive has finally
answered my emails after 3 month. I am not sure I like the answer so I am
asking the list serve for its thoughts. Below this thread is the email I
receive from EA. They suggest I call ELCOM directly. My thoughts are that
I have/had a contract with EA to supply me with a charger for my 180volt GEL
battery pack as part of my "Conversion Kit". Should I have to go to their
supplier to see if I can get ELCOM to do what it won't do for EA. (I already
did it once and they said the charger was functioning correctly). Any
advice I can get in this matter would be most welcome... and BTW all the
advice I have gotten so far, both on and off the list has been most welcome.

Thanks...Buddy Mills

This is EA response (I "x"ed out the name not vital to the tread)...
Here is the situation on your charger. Both Jxx Rxxxxs and Nxxxx Qxxxx of
U.S. Xxxxxxxx have looked at the information from your charger and
batteries, and agreed that the problem is in the equalization charge. The
main charging profile is fine. But the equalization portion at the end
should be removed, or set to only come on once every 30 cycles.
Jxx and Nxxxx and I have all had conversations about this with Greg McCrea
at Electric Conversions. However, he has refused to make this correction,
so we have been at an impasse.
Since you are the owner of the charger, I can only suggest that you contact
Greg directly and instruct him to make this correction to the charger and
return it to you.
I am frustrated that it has come to this stalemate, and sorry that you have
been caught in the middle.

Shari Prange
Electro Automotive POB 1113 Felton CA 95018-1113 Telephone 831-429-1989 [email protected] Electric Car Conversion Kits *
Components * Books * Videos * Since 1979

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