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Hello EV Drag Racers on the East Coast,

Time is closing in on us and the EVs are being worked on....

New Controllers, New Paint, a racing stripe, New Tires.....whatever you have
accomplished over this crazy winter that we just went is now
time to show up and have fun!!

Join the East Coast Electric Drag Racing Association ( in
conjunction with The Palm Beach International Raceway for the first EV Drag Race of the season
on the East Coast.

We know of people that are coming down all the way from the Northeast to be
at this EVent! We are looking forward to having a fun day of racing and
meeting other EVers down in Florida


Drag Strip

Built Entirely to IHRA & NHRA Specifications. Track Milled and Polished by
Penhall and Freeburn To Ensure Grip and Flatness Bitterman Scales, Our
Custom-Designed Unit With 30-foot Deck (scales & e.t. building)

Wayne McMurtry Designed 1/4 mile All Concrete Drag Strip

All day event. Gates open at 4pm!
EV gathering/car show in parking lot, all welcome!

Contact me if you have any questions via the email above!


Douglas A. Stansfield
Vice President,
President, Trans Atlantic Electric Conversions LLC
President, NJ Electric Auto Association
Member, Board of Directors, Electric Auto Association

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