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By total chance the first Volt owner is a neighbor & PV owner. I was wal=
king =

the dog when I passed an open garage. What did I see but a new car with =
a plug =

in the side. Gotta be a Volt. The door was open and no one answered w=
hen I =

yelled in. Probably left the door open by accident I was going to ring t=
he =

doorbell when the owner walked up the sidewalk. I commented on his car a=
nd he =

confirmed that he was the first Volt owner in San Francisco. First burni=
ng =

question. Did the motor come on when he drove it home. No he said.=
At 70 to =

80 mph on the 280Freeway 12 miles all electric. Straight from the dea=
lership. =

He said he didn't hold back. Kept up with traffic. So it seems that s=
o far GM =

isn't lying about the all electric range. So far. But that was only 1=
2 miles. =

Lawrence Rhodes.......How strange is that that I would see this. There a=
re no =


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