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Okay, not all lead, some plastic and other stuff included.

I've got 8 each 98ah Deka 8G31 VRSLA batteries for sale, used. Gel cell
construction, never overcharged, never over-discharged. The cycle count and
usage has been carefully documented per trip, via CycleAnalyst. The deepest
discharge (twice) has been to just about fifty percent, based on the rating of
98 ah at the 20 hour rate, adjusted to 49 ah at the one hour rate (1C), but
general use has been more like 0.75C and the depth of discharge per the
CycleAnalyst has been maxed only those two times at about 25 ah removed.

These batteries have been treated gingerly and have been operating with a full
set of PowerCheq equalizers during all use. There's about a 0.2 v difference
across the pack, which really isn't too darn bad, in my opinion.

These batteries were charged with a Zivan NG1 charger with the algorithm
specifically designed for gel type batteries. I've tracked the charge and
discharge cycles with a PakTrakr throughout the entire life of the pack, to keep
an eye on anomalies, and none have appeared. Under heavy current draw (150amp)
there is appreciable drop, uniform across the entire pack but nothing into the
danger range. There have been transients as high as 200 amp, again uniform with
no real concerns about pack or battery health.

My records show first trip with this pack to be 05/16/08 and a bit fewer than
400 trips totaling about 3400 miles. Typical trip length has been 2-5 miles with
the occasional 10 miler here and there. The two trips of fifty percent depth of
discharge reached distances in the lower to mid twenties. My experience with the
Gizmo is that I can calculate consumption 2 ah for each mile traveled, based on
the CycleAnalyst figures.

If I was going to keep this pack, I would have expected another three years and
perhaps four thousand more miles. Your mileage may vary, california mileage will
be less. The EV in which these batteries reside has been operated on flat
ground, having crossed the Intracoastal Waterway only once in its travels. If
you beat on the batteries, overcharge or overdischarge them, you won't get the
same result. There is no warranty associated with this sale. I can provide the
prospective purchaser with copies of the spreadsheet generated by the PakTrakr
and if desired, my trip log spreadsheet as well. Either one can be considered
before-nap reading material, as there are no outstanding entries and will
substitute nicely for sleeping pills.

Clearly, eight batteries weighing seventy-two pounds (thirty-two point six
kilograms) each are not going to ship easily. UPS will ship single batteries,
but I don't have the packing material, as they arrived on a pallet. These
batteries would be perfect for someone in Florida, close to Daytona Beach, or
someone who knows someone who has a shipping service, or similar arrangement. If
you desire to purchase these batteries, shipping arrangements are the
responsibility of the buyer. I'm probably going to have to find someone with a
strong back just to get them out of the battery box, or get a chain hoist.

Priced as new, this class of battery runs about two hundred fifty american
dollars, sometimes as high as three hundred simoleans. I'd like to sell all
eight at one hundred smackers each, but will entertain selling half lots at the
same price. If I can't get a C-note each, I'll hang onto them for really
effective door-stops or similar use.

Rather than post another advert, I'll be selling the PowerCheqs and the PakTrakr
with two remotes as well. Six PowerCheqs at half retail and the PackTrakr will
also go out the door at fifty percent open market value. The PakTrakr also
includes the serial data connection with memory, so please consider that when
calculating the overall price.

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