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Hi Lee etc,

In response to the foam type I used question: The Foam I used on the electric Cat that Jerry Dycus (how's Jerry doing anyway?) built was from 10 gallons total (5ea of part A & part B) item number 126717 ans 126741 expanding Polymethylene Isocyanate, doesn't say wither "open" or "closed" cell foam but the guy who sold it thought it was closed. The top surface looks closed but when you slice the yellow hard expanded foam it has air cells internally (appearing open when sliced).

Anyway it made a mess of my wooden boat, rotted the wood it was in contact with due to long term moinsture absorption and has taken quite a few hours, about 300 to remove all the expanded foam in about 20 55 gallon garbage bags and replace rotting hull sections with fiberglass matt and marine Epoxy part number 125231 1:1 activator and 125463 laminating resin also from BTW, the foam MSDS data sheet says to "avoid moisture" duh, maybe I should have read that before buying, let the buyer beware i guess. It's initially bouyant but absorbs moisture overtime, would probably help if capsized but from the grief its' caused I think I'd rather sink, to me "foam" is a 4 letter word:)

The copper impregnated brushes (weak link in trolling motors, cheap graphite-frys) to beef up my MinnKota MK 101 $800 trolling motor was part number Z453823-0-SAM16470 .6 x .6 x 1 $60 from Helwig Carbon . I called/emailed Minn Kota but they weren't interested in making their trolling motors last longer for electric boat applications (general use is "intermittent use"). My brushes lasted one season of boating each week-end usually Sat or Sun 2 hours run time each time. The failure mode is it stops, fortunately I had the E-Tek Briggs outboard on by the end of the season.

Best Regards,
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