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[EVDL] for dave kois

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Dave, maybe I was not making my point very well .. as a converter, I am doing what Nissan is doing !!! and i didnt spend 1/2 a billion $ to do it and come up with numbers that they claim. all my conversions were on pre-existing built cars/ trucks..a short cut in building a EV . Yes, converters here still are getting what the huge manufacture are claiming . in fact we were doing it long before Nissan, GM, Honda, and who ever else was doing it ...

Yes Eric, oil goes up EVs go up . its the market way. I am not knocking the leaf, koodos for them, even if it is as ugly as a toothless mother in law .who here that is a EV builder gets subsidies from any GOVT for their R&D ??? what EV builder company gets Govt bail outs ??? It all come to my point, we are doing what the manufactures wouldn't do, or don't want to do, but are now seeing the light about the whole EV thing now, just to make more sales...ALL of us would like to see a battery pack that weighs 5 lbs and gets you 75 KW of power and needs no charging for 5 years or more ..yeah dream on .

IM tired of doing this, since 1974, But I will keep doing it so more are on the road to tell people that they can have any type of electric vehicle they want, Not to be cornered into a Manufactures ," only one type " of car offered . I cant get any help here, no one wants to do this in this area, my back is sore my hips are getting worse, I have broken both hands , 4 fingers, cut an artery in my arm...yes I put blood , sweat, and tears in my builds. and im here 6 days a week..and YES, its still fun to see one come in with smoke coming out of the tail pipe and go out BUZZING , then hear the customer say"this is so cool"

" I bitch, therefor I am a EV converter"
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