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[EVDL] ForkenSlow

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Using some of the "agressive acceleration" tips from the Jet Electrica
manual, I took the car out for its second 0-30 test today at lunch time.

0-50 km/h (31 mph) took ... 36 seconds. (And I was caning it!)

On the plus side:

- This is notably quicker than the previous attempt, when I was holding
gears too long instead of short shifting to keep the amps up.
(Unfortunately, I didn't time that run, but I'd say it was closer to 45-55

- It was still, ahem, "accelerating" when I let off @ 50 clicks.

- While any 25 mph NEV would leave me in their dust off the line, eventually
I'd catch up & pass them. I'm staying away from the CitiCars though! ;-D

- The pack wasn't at 100% SOC for the test - so there's probably more where
that came from.

And lastly: I had fun for the entire 36 seconds. I'm having a blast driving
this car.



(Disclaimer - to defuse potential admonishments that the car's lethargy is a
hazard in traffic... I completely agree!

That said, consider: the car lives in a small city that doesn't really have
traffic; it spends 90% of the time on quiet side streets, 2% of the time
*crossing* big streets to get to another quiet side street, and 8% of the
time crouched, out of the way, patiently waiting to spring into a
sufficiently large gap on a big street to go a couple of blocks with the
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