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For those following this project, a new YouTube video is up to mark the car's
transition to legal EV status:

The vid has small amount of fun at GM's expense (which Impact/EV1 fans may
recognize), and then shows the car in action.

FYI: some beer budget accounting:

$672 - the net build cost, excluding taxes, registration & insurance (which
total nearly the same amount again!). I included inspection fees in the
build cost however.

$1811 - this was the total cash outlay.

$1139 - money recovered through: selling ICE parts (nothing was wasted - we
actually made a little profit over the cost of the 2 donor cars!); scrap
refunds (a few batteries; also the stripped forklift chassis netted a
healthy $364 from the recycler - and that included them picking it up); and
the sale of the forklift's traction motor.

Of course this doesn't include the donated stuff (e.g. used batteries), or
the year and a half of tinker time.

$2500 - $3000 - is roughly what I figure it would cost someone to replicate
this vehicle with new batteries, minus the blind luck scoring cheap parts &
the generosity we encountered along the way. That includes the donor

It goes without saying that the car isn't finished yet. Still lots of
detail work yet left to do, plus watching eBay for a 48-72v controller,

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