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So, a fellow claims he spoke with teh CEO of a battery/battery
component company in Taiwan called Changs Ascending and he said that
they have a 10AH LiFePO4 battery they will soon be selling for $15,
which comes out to about $0.42/Wh.. cheaper than Thundersky by a large

Here are the quotes:


Hi Beek
sorry for late response. I visited Changs Ascending and get their
price of 10Ah cell for $15. The CEO said it will be down to $10 if
mass production. Their cell is applied to vechile starter, motorcycle,


Changs Ascending is developing BEV's power system using its 40138
10-15Ah LiFePo4 battery cell. The system will get ready before Oct.
2007. I am a closed friend to Changs Ascending's top managers. Please
contact with Dr. Jimmy Chang(V.P.) by [email protected]


The company exists, they do make Lithium batteries now.

Has anyone any more info on this company?


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