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Hi EVerybody;

Happy Camper mode here! I just wanted to recommend a good outfit to ship
stuff like, motors etc.HEAVIER than UPS will do. Try Freight Quote on line.
They will arrange shipping heavy stuff, like 180 lbs of motor From
Wallyworld,(WallingfordCT) to Sandy Eggo (Ramona)CA for 147 bux! I dropped
it off at the truk place last week, it got there yesterday, Keith Van Sickle
got it! Fastrer than my drivin' it out there and a hellova lot cheaper. They
WILL pick up, but costs a tad more. Easier to drop it off at the trerminal.

Just thoughI'd pass this on. Was easy as buying a Jet Blue ticket. ya
print up yur bill of lading and take it WITH you, and crate to them, Kindly
guy there walked me throughh doing a B of L on line.

Happy trukin'

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> Subject: [EVDL] Chinese motor
>> anyone familiar with 'supermotor' from china?
>> anyone use one?
> USE one! Hell, just TRYING to wade throught the crap to GET to one.
> With the acrafdaba? thing. Although it WAS amusing to surf through all the
> dubble motor, grand and splendid, overlarge and imposing, , and the
> scooter
> for "Old and Diabled". Yeah I feel like that some daze<g>!Love those
> Chinese
> descriptions. I'll bet I couldn't do as well wriing descriptions for
> American products, in Chinese or Russian languages. Pratt an' Whitney:
> "Dependable Engines" Might come out for a grin in Chinese or Erdu<g>!
> I saew Kelly Controllers (USA) What? USA?? Where's THAT? I thought. I
> clicked it open, they are in Round Lake, ILLINOIS! Diesn't sound like
> China,
> to me? HowEVEr they DON'T have a fone no or E mail address? Like threy
> were
> hiding something?I googled the hell out of Kelly Controllers, so far, I
> haven't got a fone no or E mail. I DID join Adkarabada or whst ever the
> hell
> it is. So I'm waiting, as Kellys CLAIM to be made in USA or DESIGNED in
> USA.
> Prices are VERY reasonable. Are they vaporware? Same for the Chinese
> knockoff of the Warp/ADC motor in the pix. Wouldn't suirprise me that a
> few
> didn't leak over to China? As Samples.
> But the nine zillion Chinese scooter things was a fun read<g>!
> Seeya
> Bob
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