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[EVDL] fried mosfets in an ebike

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My friend Hanan's electric bike controller went kaput.
Three or four of the IRF1010e n-channel mosfets from his pre-2007 BL-36
[limited info at ]
are toasted.
Having recently seen a micrograph of dielectric breakdown in a capacitor
I suggested that maybe he could diagnose the problem as either too-high
gate-drain voltage or too-high source-drain current [i think i have the
terminology right] by looking at the burnt mosfets in a microscope.
Is this possible e.g. by etching away the plastic with acid, or prying it off?
In any case does anyone have advice - should he replace them mosfets or
get a new controller?

Jeremy Rutman
Technion Physics Dep't.
Haifa 32000 Israel
phone 972 4 8293669
fax 972 4 8295755

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