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I posted this almost a couple years ago and got no hits. Since then I thought I might make use of them, but it is apparent now
that I was wrong.

I've still got the 48V chargers and will let them go for the offer below if anyone wants one wants to contact me off list. Shown
here are 4 of the chassis' fully populated with the modules from the other two, but I'm selling them as 1 Chassis - 2 modules per
item, just like they were ordered. (thats a 48V 15A charger) The only difference
now is that I had to get rid of the factory box to make room on my shelves. But they've been inside and warm.

Anchorage, Ak.

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> Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 12:57 AM
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> Subject: C&D AGM-25 -48V dc Rectifiers Cheap
> Arcin' deal on some C&D AGM-25 -48VDC Rectifiers. The the warehouse manager for the communications company I work for has been
buggin' me to help get rid of old junk we do not use anymore and he's down to throwing stuff away. Last year he sent truck loads
of older C&D 60A -48V rectifiers to the dump that were deinstalled from all our older satellite earth stations. What he didn't
tell me though is that he also had 54 new in the box C&D AGM-25 -48VDC modular rectifiers. He didn't throw them away because they
were new in the box. He figured he'd sell them to PICS Telcom or other salvage that re-sells recovered telco equipment. They
told him for the price of shipping from Anchorage it wasn't worth taking them. (I'm not so sure I believe that) He's been stewing
for the year because he can't sell them on e-bay because of a company policy. He can however sell them to anyone off the street.
Rather than sell them individually 1 or 2 at a time he's looking to unload them in bulk for. I've already taken 6 for myself. I
worked the deal for a Telco small out in the bush to buy 9 of them so there are 39 left. I forgot to mention why we aren't using
them. Before I came to work here two of our small earth stations blew up because they didn't have H2 sensors in the battery
compartment. They were just about to put these into 50 sites when this happened and realized that the newly required H2 sensors
would not interface with the disconnects. So they've been on our shelves since 1998.
> The chassis' are C&D P/N 110-4025L-3A ( the -3A stands for List 3 for those looking up Specs) AGM 25 Full Feature Power
Plant, -48V, up to 22.5 AMP, includes terminal block for load connections, battery connections, RFA alarm output, control inputs
for HVSD, includes 8 GMT fuse positions load and battery shunts, tests jacks for plant voltage and current, microprocessor
controller, low voltage disconnect in load leg, and battery temperature compensation. (1 ambient and 2 battery sensors)
> Each chassis takes three but these shipped with two each 7.5Amp rectifier modules p/n 100-7507-48XT HFM48AC7.5 rectifier
48V, 7.5 AMP (120/208/240 VAC Only).
> Fully populated these will put out 22.5A @ -60VDC.
> A manual and original manufacturer Test Data Sheets are included in the boxes.
> There's currently 3 for sale on E-Bay $750 for the chassis and $250 for each modules. You can check the specs listed there or
also view them at
> He's told me anyone wanting the whole lot can have them at $250 for each box containing 1 Chassis and 2 Modules.
> Please contact me at my off list if you're interested.
> Mike

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