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[EVDL] Fw: failure notice

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Hi EVerybody;

> TRYING to get back aboard. Resubscribed, all that..... WTF? The List =
> seemed to just stop.The Bill Dube thing I never saw, and Tim said there =
> were 200 hits? Looked in my span catcher; the usual crap, I have won =
> dozens of lotteries I never PLAYED. Letters from variouis 3rd world =
> countries in Africa, promising me MILLIONS, could get the Sunrise and =
> Freedon in production. Lotteri are taxes for the mathematicly declined, =
> anyhow.EVen in CT Casinoes make money, but NOBODY knows where it goes, =
> like Oil Co. profits.
> Hoping to be "Listed" again.
> Seeya?
> Bob

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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