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If you are getting an arc when you connect your battery cables this probably means you have something connected to the pack
without a safety contactor or interlock. When I reconnect my battery leads the main contactor and breaker are open. That way the
cables go on without having to charge a live circuit. In energizing the circuit the breaker or contactor should safely handle the
arc. (unless you have a precharge circuit as I do on the Zilla) On mine the battery charge circuit only has fuses and no contactor
or breaker switch. I do however have an Anderson SB50 connecting the charge line to the battery. It will spark when I connect it
to charge the caps in the Charger unless I turn on the charger for a couple seconds to precharge its caps, turn it off and
immediately plug in the SB50. That way there is no arcing.

Anchorage, Ak.

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> This is pretty timely.
> I notice that if I've disconnected the pack, and
> reconnect it 20 mins. later, there's a huge arc. Not
> fun to be holding cable when it happens!
> Lately, I wear the yellow latex dishwashing gloves. A
> bit more awkward, but insulators, nonetheless.
> I use insulated wrenches. Mine are done with
> electrical tape, but there's also this plastic goo
> that you can dump 'em in. Less chance of a short
> between terminals (below).
> peace,

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