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At one time back in 77, my battery boxes had 2 inch inline all plastic
exhaust fans pulling the air out of the battery boxes and directed out the
rear with a heavy duty flexible PVC acid proof 2 inch hose like a engine
exhaust system.

The battery charger which was in a separate enclosure had a Dayton 6 inch
blower fan that exhaust the battery charger downward below the EV. A cold
air inlet to the battery charger compartment also came from below the EV
which were about 4 feet apart.

One day, I was charging the EV and went to turn off the charger, there was a
pop inside the charger. This was cause by the charger fans drawing in the
battery fumes, so that did not work.

I rework the battery charger inlet air system, by not having the blower fan
exhaust the charger compartment, but pressurize it with the blower fan,
which force the warm air out the inlet port. I also install a vacuum switch
that we use on boilers that has a cold air blower system.

The fan must come on first that turns on the vacuum switch contacts that
turn on a AC magnetic contactor that is between the main AC input plug and
the charger. Any time we lose any fan pressure, then it will shut off the
power to the charger.

Also any time there is a certain voltage level between the battery and the
frame of the vehicle, it also shuts off this AC magnetic contactor. I use a
ground detection circuit system that we use in isolation electrical systems.

In the summer while I am charging in the garage, I first open the garage
door a bit and push on one of the service station exhaust hoses on to the
battery exhaust port. The inlet air to the battery box is bringing in 80F.
air from the garage which I increase the temperature from 70F to 80F about
15 minutes before I leave. I may do the final charging from 80 SOC or from
90 SOC at that time.

On the PFC chargers, just turn the timer down to 0. I find that the SOC may
range from 80 to 95% SOC.


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> Cor,
> It was a fairly cool morning, mid 60's F, when charging at the RV park, so
> I
> don't expect heating was a problem. I have run the charger at 28A in my
> garage at 94 F for a few hours without overheating. It has overheated and
> cut back charge current when initially set at 28A when the garage was at
> 100
> F, but it continues to charge. It has two small fans mounted in the rear
> of
> the charger. One of the changes a PFC40 has is a larger capacity fan.
> Carrying a cheap charger for backup on such longer trips so I don't get
> stranded is a good suggestion. Would be easy to just do an 80% charge and
> turn off manually. I'll look into that.
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