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From: "Bob Rice" <[email protected]>
To: "Electric Vehicle Discussion List" <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 9:42 PM
Subject: Re: [EVDL] Open source controller design

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> From: "Dan Frederiksen" <[email protected]>
> To: "Electric Vehicle Discussion List" <[email protected]>
> Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 8:26 PM
> Subject: Re: [EVDL] Open source controller design
>> Lee Hart wrote:
>>>I *have* built controllers! Most other parts of EVs as well (chargers,
>>>DC/DC converters, instrumentation, battery managment systems, etc.)!
>> then why haven't you made them public?
>> Dan
>> ___Gees! Louise!! I Mean Dan<g>! Lee is so damn busy working on other
>> stuff. Bat Regs, other projects, to put food on his table as he is a
>> family guy. Not to mention trying as time and money permits, to get the
>> Sunrise into a car, kit or whatEVer to get it on the road.As you
>> controller do it yurself wannabees, it isn't easy. I talked to Lee about
>> it long an' dragged out driving with Lee to Fla to Tow back to MN the
>> Sunrise Body ,last year. I'm NOT an EV electronic geru, but just asked
>> questions as you are. The Devil is in the DETAILS. You need to make a
>> failsafe control board to run the Heavy Duty electrical stuff, which you
>> can get out of a catalogue. This is stock industrial electronics. YOU as
>> Electrical genious, gotta suit down and THINK of what EVer could go
>> wrong, failure mode. So it will"Scram" the controller; Like IF the Go
>> pedal is pressed down when you key on? So the damn car doesn't take off!
>> IF the Igbits or whatEVer yur using, decide, or mis -comuntate, IF that
>> is the right term? lock ON and away you go, with direct drive!
>> Embarrising in a parking lot! Great lawsuit stuff!I had Lee trapped in
>> the CAR, no escape<g>!It's a looong way from Tampa to St Cloud
>> MN(Sartell).They sorta blend together.
> I used to run Generous Electric E-60 locomotives, built in the 70's,
> they used to "Lock on" now and again,your guess, we engineers got pretty
> darn fast at dropping the pantograph, and spinning wheels, that woulda
> turned Wayland green with envey! Of course these lokies wern't in the
> general public's hands. Good Thing! We "drivers" lived with this quirk,
> but G.E. Shoulda FIXED that issue,early on, but like Ford with the flaming
> gas tanks in the Pintos' it was cheeper to pay a few burned people off
> than FIX them! The gas tanks I mean<g>!We used to be glad IF the E-60 made
> a trip WITHOUT something going haywire!Giving rise to our service mark;
> "Getting Halfway there is Fun" Apologies to Cunard Lines<g>!
> Point I'm making, think of ALL the possable failures, and build that
> board to "Think " for you, shut things down as needed. Oh it can be done,
> not denighing that, just isn't easy, ask Otmar.Well, I take that back,
> DON'T ask Otmar! He's pretty godamn BUSY, at this point. HE did the
> engineering. Hell! Why should he just give himself away. Does Toyota
> publish the design details of the Prius?How deep are yur pockets? Ya BUY
> the tech, that SOMEBODY spent sleepless nights designing. Dan, what do YOU
> do for a living? I'm not meaning to diss you. Are you an EE? A plumber,
> Carpenter, Buss or truck driver? You wouldn't expect your employer to say"
> just drive the next few runs for me for nothin', truck's out there ready,
> or build somebodies deck, here's the wood, YOU put it together . "Bus is
> out at dock 7, gassed up, drive it to Sandy Eggo" and not pay ya the miles
> that the contract with the UTU sez you will get. IF it is a Union outfit?
> OK I'm getting carried away as I often do with Transportation stuff,
> but in defence of Lee. He has gone WAY beyond the call of duty, as to
> giving out electrical info. You would hafta pay big bux to a electrical
> consulting ferm, for his expertise. He is only one man, a very human and
> lovable guy, when ya actually meet him.A shining star on the List. If I
> knew a FRACTION of what he knows. Hell! I probably could FIX my #$%^
> controller when it shits out<g>!
> Hammer and torch shade tree mechanic here.Slipping into my flameproof
> suit.
> Bob

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