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POSTING this for Rod Wilde, Pt. Townsand, WA... Price $4750.00.

> Getting married, must sell my car to pay for the honeymoon. 1981 Ford
> Escort "Electrica" by Jet industries with 15,500 original miles. Has been
> upgraded to 108 volts with Interstate U2200 golf cart batteries that are in
> good condition. Has Curtis 1221B controller with Kilovac EV-200 contactors.
> One main and one for the ceramic heater which is a bit of overkill. Includes
> two battery chargers. One is a brand new Quick Charge easily programmable
> "smart charger" and the old K&W that still works. They could both be
> paralleled for bulk charging. Has near new Sumoto HTR 200 low rolling
> resistance tires which received one of the highest ratings in the Green Seal
> report. Has fairly new shocks and brakes. This would be a great EV for
> someone just getting into electrics and can not yet afford a new $30,000.00
> Nissan Leaf. Top speed is around 65-70 mph. It's best use would be as a
> commuting car to work with not much freeway travel. Please call my cell and
> leave a message and I will get back to you. 360-390-8411.
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