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I'm giving away my EcoEscort, maybe, and it might go to you.

I need your help. I want to prove what the power of networking can do.
Please visit the link below and help me win a Nissan Leaf by voting for my
video! Then forward this to those in your network, asking them to do the
same, including forwarding it on to their network.

The link to vote for the video is

What's in it for you? Two things: The chance to own an electric car
yourself, and the satisfaction of helping me out.

I've gotten a great deal of advice and help from the members of this group,
and I'd love for one of them to get my current EV at no cost.

If I win the Nissan Leaf, I will award my current electric car to someone
randomly chosen from those who certify via email that they voted for my
video. If you're interested the EcoEscort read on. Otherwise, just vote and
pass this on to everyone in your network, please. Thank you!

More detail the EcoEscort:
- Disclaimer: As most of you here know, the EcoEscort is not for the
faint of heart. It will require you to be your own electrical engineer and
mechanic. As with any high-powered electrical vehicle there are significant
dangers if proper precautions are not taken when working on the vehicle.
Also you will be responsible for picking up the vehicle at my location
(central New York State), or arranging and paying for shipping.

If you are interested in it, send an email to [email protected]
certifying that you voted for my Leaf video and are interested in the



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