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I am posting this for a friend. Reply privately and I'll be happy to make an introduction if you're interested.

My friend has a 2000 Ford Focus SE for sale. He's selling it due to a broken timing chain, which bent several valves in the engine. The cost to repair exceeds the
value of the vehicle. This was his daily driver until the engine failure.

This is the ideal glider situation. At least three cars of this class have been converted: (mine) there is some established history for conversion of this vehicle, including Chris Simon's excellent fabrication detail on the adapter plate setup here:

This is a modern, safe, comfortable vehicle with airbags, seatbelts, factory CD player/stereo, front-wheel drive, etc. It also has a fairly low drag coefficient at
31 (versus .34 for the late-model Corvette, for example). A very efficient vehicle.

Some notes on the car:
1. It has a 5-speed manual transmission. I am pretty sure it is the MTX-75. The clutch is only one year old with about 12-15K miles on it.
2. The car itself has about 150K miles.
3. There is minor damage on the front bumper.
4. The windshield has a crack.
5. The car is red with a gray-beige interior.
6. The car is titled in NC, with a clear title, owner has title in hand.
7. The interior is in good shape, better than would be expected with a car of this age and mileage.
8. The AC does not work.
9. Buyer would need to arrange transport of the car, since it is not running.

You can see some pictures of the car here:

And finally, the best part- the price. $1000 and HIGHLY negotiable - seller is quite motivated. The price is less of a stake in the ground, and more of a "didn't
know where to start."

Please respond off-list with any interest. I'll also be happy to offer conversion assistance for the lucky buyer.


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