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[EVDL] Good Stuff was : Tesla batteries (Was: EV attitudes)

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> Hi EVerybody;

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> What fundamentally matters for EV batteries is their cost per mile. To
> ever be successful in the market, EVs will have to compete on a economic
> basis with ICEs. This can't happen with "bleeding edge" high-tech
> proprietary batteries. It will have to be done with batteries that are
> inexpensive, easy to produce, and low enough tech to be produced by
> dozens of companies around the world.

Hi EVerybody;
Yeah! Fraid so! That's why we are STILL building conversions, until we
can build some ground-up cars, like the Sunrise and Freedom EV's. Something
LIGHTer than a steely bodied conversion. We can live with Led Acids, for
now. I don't feel any inconvenience with a 50 mile range Jetta, haven't
fired up the Prius for a few weaks, now. It's resting up from the Portland
trip last month.Thinking of a fall foliage run up to the MT Washington Cog
Railway to enjoy "Boiling Water Traction". The Prius will be called from

Other news: Dave Olveria, one of our NE EAA guyz got HIS Ranger to go,
jumpering pin 9 and 10? on the older Rapter, sturred it to life. Another EV
hits Corrupticut's roads!Another EV grin!!! RAH! Another EV in the works,
newbee Richard Thomas was over welding up Battery wracks for HIS Saturn,
love to see my stuff, welders, etc used to get MORE EVs on the road!! Dave
Delman, from Jericho LI ,was up for the meeting with one of his two De
Lorians. Never met a DeLorian in person,only in "Back to the Future" Dave
has another one with a blown engine just begging to be converted. He has
adopted a 9" motor so far and came up to meet the gang, and see a few
working EV's for the ideas. NY's Long Island, where I spent my deformative
years, is a PERFECT place for EV's. Table top FLAT, distances relatively
short. It IS an Island! To go to, say , NYC anybody with common sense takes
the Wrong Island Snailroad (Long Island Rail Road, two words, as spelled on
it's 1830 charter) Rather than the Long Island Distress Way,(I-495) the
nation's longest parking lot! Perhaps Dave will be setting an example with
his spiffy, Amfleet silver DeLorian, with or without the Flux Crapaciter?
Boy I woulda loved to have has a Stainless Steel VW Bug! I would STILL have
it,no matter how many no. 3 exhaust valves it took?

I see a EAA chapter coming on LI, with a few conversions running around?
Sheeple there could catch on, as in CT? And, it is only a Ferryboat ride
away. Gotta talk to the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Co.
Diseasel, now, sigh. I remember the triple expansion engine, REAL steam ,
powered boat they had when I was a kid, same engine type that ran the
Titanic into the Iceberg so well. What IF B.P. and P.J. Steamboat Co would
run some 240 volt 50 amp outlets into the car deck? Oh JOY! be charged up a
bit on the hour and a half flight. EVen some 120 volts ones?? Hell ,they
charge 42 bux for the car an' driver, they could throw in a few free amps?
Wouldn't sink them? I sure hunted around on my last voyage.

So, trying to get stuff going on Wrong Island, as well as CT. In a few
hundred years there MAY be a bunch of EV's running around here? I won't wait
up for it, though.

Sea ya next meeting Oct.13th? Where the hell did SUMMER go?


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