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[image] Triac, an electric car made in Salinas ... ready to hit the streets
By Pete Carey pcarey at 11/29/2010
... a Triac ... $25,000 ... locally manufactured, three-wheeled gasless =

electric vehicle with a 100-mile range ... A prototype, one of just a dozen
made so far, it had a stick shift that will be replaced in the upcoming =

Triac 2.0 with an automatic transmission ... The 100-mile range is due to =

its light weight and powerful lithium-ion battery, made by Leyden Energy in
Fremont. The two companies have California Energy Commission grants =

totaling $5 million to make the batteries and vehicles in California. =

Leyden says the battery can operate at up to 140 degrees [F] without =

degradation of the cells, eliminating the need for a battery cooling =

system ... The Triac will include a Vehicle Efficiency Data Assistant -- =

VEDA -- interface to the battery management system as well as diagnostic =

and navigational data. VEDA is an electronic learning system that captures =

a person's driving habits and commute patterns to accurately predict miles =

left before recharging ... The Triac will have a slot for a personal =

digital assistant -- iPhone, Android, Palm or whatever -- that drivers can =

use to listen to podcasts, a daily itinerary or a business briefing on the =

way to work. The Triac will ask, "Are you going to work?" If the answer is
"Yes," it will ask what you want to hear ... The idea is to give people a =

safe way of using their PDAs while driving ... Source: Green Vehicles =

Copyright =A9 2010 - San Jose Mercury News
[image] Battery-powered Triac car makes debut in Salinas By JOHN SAMMON
11/21/2010 ... difference ... durability and life of ... 500-pound ... =

battery pack, positioned just under the driver ... The ... three-wheel car
has two seats in front and storage space behind, and front-wheel drive, =

with its single rear wheel looking somewhat like that on a motorcycle ... =

The car weighs 2,000 pounds ... An on-board computerized "vehicle =

efficiency data assistant," ... will warn the driver how much energy has
been consumed, and if they will make their planned destination before =

needing a recharge ... Fremont-based Leyden Energy ... said ... "With =

this battery, you can drive twice as long, 10 to 15 years,"... Green =

Vehicles received a $2.05 million grant from the California Energy =

Commission to start production and the city contributed $700,000 ... =

Copyright =A9 2010 - Monterey County Herald
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Bruce {EVangel} Parmenter


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