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[EVDL] High voltage battery pack safety

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I looked up the Anderson SB350 contact resistance: its 50micro-ohms.
20 in series would give u 1 milli-ohm which is fine i would think for most

"Dave (Battery Boy) Hawkins" <[email protected] wrote
>Having had one bad shock through the chest when I got into EV's, I'm all about
>safety now, but why would you introduce more resistive connections and add
>more >cost? I have one Anderson SB350 between the pack and the control board
>on both >the truck and car, which I pull if I need to work on something past
>the pack. I >hate to wear gloves, so if I need to replace a pack I wear them
>to discount >enough interconnects to break the pack into <or= 48 volt
>segments, or if I'm >installing a pack I make those connections last (with
>gloves on). Yes, it takes >longer to undo an interconnect than to flip a
>switch or undo an Anderson, >etc., >but I wouldn't want to add anymore
>resistance to my 50+ feet of 2/0 and 24 >battery interconnects that are
>already in the truck! Hope this helps...
>Suck Amps,

>Tehben Dean wrote:
>> I like the idea of working in 48v sections but am having a hard time
>> finding any switches rated at a high enough voltage and/or amperage.
>You don't need switches for this; good ol' Anderson SB350s are fine for
>service disconnects. Rated 350A and 600V. They are a good choice if
>you want to disconnect 2 leads at once, but if you only want to break <snip>

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