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[EVDL] hybrid battery pack thought

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Hybrid battery packs have brought up. There were several thoughts on the
matter, and I would like to pursue this a little.

A little background: I have gotten my 1974 VW bug up and running on 96V of
the Deka GC15. I have been told to be conservative in my current draw from
the pack. In my standard driving around, I have encountered some hills,
which will be a regular occurance, which take a good amount of current to
get up. More so than should be good. So I thought, maybe if I had a hybrid
pack, one for distance, and one for the power: flooded and AGM. It was
mentioned that there would need to be two controllers, one for each type of
pack. A lower current controller for the flooded, and higher current for
the AGM. This could happen in a couple of ways. Both in parallel to the
motor. Or in series to the motor. I just want to get the lists ideas on
this matter. What would be the pros and cons? Could it work?

My thoughts: a parallel controller could be difficult if run at the same
time, as the voltages could be different. Also, the frequency of each would
be a problem. If run separately, it could work, as long as both controllers
aren't working against each other.

A series set up, which Bill Dube brought up (I think) sounds good. Have a
low current controller controlling some floodies, feeding your AGM
batteries. They could keep the batteries up enough to get a further
distance, than they would alone, but also delivering more current than the
flooded batteries themselves could sustain. I would guess that the flooded
battery voltage would need to be higher than the AGM battery voltage.

Am I missing anything? Has anyone tried this? It sounds like it could
work. Would it help me climb those hills? I wish I could quantify these
hills, but don't know the amp-hour rating of them... Or the incline for
that matter. I would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

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