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[EVDL] Hyperbole from "Infrastructure Industry"

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EVDL Members, Am I not correct? Isn't "J1772" mostly a scheme to generate
billions from the Ignorant EV buying Sheeple?

If the driver/owner of a $250,000 RV Bus can plug in to [email protected], why
can not you or I ???


*Infrastructure, and Range Anxiety are both HYPERBOLE!***

Recharging or "charging stations" or "Special Charging Outlets" are
just so much HYPE!

For every fuel retailer today there are about 9,000 electric outlets
suitable for recharging a car.

That is not even counting the hundred or so high-powered outlets near
every Interstate Highway rural and suburban interchange, (In the RV

A "Special" outlet is not necessary, just an adapter to allow one to
plug in to a common outlet, 125Volts for a 6 hour charge, and 240 Volts for
"Quick" charge of 15 min to a half hour. [As in a standard home 240 Volts
clothes dryer outlet.]

There are 10,000 Electrics on the road today in the USA, that use those
outlets. And another 30 million RVs who use the RV campground outlets. Are
we all likely to be electrocuted tomorrow? I think NOT !

Chevy has said that an adapter would be included with each "Leaf" to
allow charging with 125 Volts home outlet. Why, then do I need a $3,000
outlet in my garage?

Simple answer is I don't. And several Web companies are already selling

At my Electric Car Repair school, that is one small lesson, we teach
it, as part of Repairing Electric Vehicles, see us at

** There are Alternatives !

Dennis Lee Miles
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