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[EVDL] I'm having big problems getting parts and service from Electro Automotive afte

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I'm having big problems getting parts and service from Electro Automotive after buying one of their kits. Eighteen months after paying for my kit, i still haven't received my controller. No one answers the phone there anymore, and my email inquiries rarely get a reply. Way back in the summer of 2009, when i started working on my VW Rabbit conversion the Electro Automotive responses took a few days---but they did respond. And the parts did continue to come in. But by the end of 2009, things were beginning to go downhill. Many of the machined parts that i received were incorrectly machined---including the main adapter plate. Many of the mounting plates had incorrectly placed holes. And still no controller.

But the big problem was that Mike and Shari became incommunicado. I have been trying since January to reach them by phone. Back then they said that the controller was currently unavailable from their supplier, but calls to curtis and to several distributers indicated that the curtis 1231 controller was readily available.

This has been doubly disappointing since i have been a longtime fan of Mike and Shari---having followed their writings in HomePower magazine and other journals. And initially I was very impressed with their VW kit. Does anyone know what's going on. Am I the only one, or are others stuck in the middle of their Electro Automotive conversion waiting for parts and for word from them?

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