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In My Humble Opinion.The prices of Electric conversions are going to
rise. The $99 reservations for the Leaf and for the Volt have completely
sold out. Dealerships are only offering new Electrics at a premium price 10%
or more higher than M.S.R.P. The demand for the first year has been
professionally estimated at 200,000 vehicles, but the OEM's are planning on
only 50,000 to 100,000 vehicles and half the customers will be seeking
alternatives. One new company is converting $25,000 mid size SUVs to
Electric and pricing them at $50,000 or higher. There are 5,000 ready to
scrap EV conversions which will be sold in the next year then the New well
built Modern and clean DC units will start selling at $25,000 and more as
they should. With AC and Lithium units selling at $35k to $40K the hobby
will finally be profitable* but only if you charge properly for your labor.*
Typical pricing for a simple DC conversion should be $20,000 in
addition to the cost of batteries and the glider, less the salvage funds
from removing unneeded parts, and additional cost for the Super Detailing
which is new clear-coat or repainted exterior. And a refreshed interior,
headliner seat covers, carpet, and dash and doors. This results in higher
glider expense but a Quality EV, This should be similar to selling prices
asked by other Conversion Shops for New Conversions.
It is possible to buy a old used and perhaps abused conversion in need
of new batteries, new tires, de-rusting and re-painting, for much less.
However by the time you invest in the needed parts, batteries, tires,
brakes, motor overhaul, body work, you will have done a Restoration not a
simple conversion.and you might very possibly have paid much more. Is that
a Bargain? The alternative is buying a new Chevy Volt for $45,000 a Nissan
Leaf for $34,000, or a Tesla Sport for $130,000. (Because of the limited
number of these vehicles available many if not all of the Dealers will be
charging at least a 10% surcharge.) New conversions also entitle you to the
$7,500 Federal Income Tax Credit for new electrics. (That expires soon, but
many experts predict renewal.) And some State Funds, depending upon which
This industry is raising the expectations for Conversions; a home built
unit by a Shade-Tree mechanic with a $24 guide book and no EV experience,
using a Salvaged Fork Lift Motor and 1960's technology control system will
soon belong in a Museum or Back yard, not on the Highway.
A new Contender named ALTe has started to demonstrate the next
generation of conversions. They take a NEW Ford F-150 Pickup and convert it
to Pure Electric. Their selling price is M. S. R. P. plus $25,000; tax,
tag, and Title fees. They have a waiting list of Eager buyers.
Why then are the other Conversion Shop owners to whom I have spoken
recently still giving away their work for one or two thousand dollars per
vehicle? THEY are STUCK in 1970 Pricing and in HOBBY mode; taking months or
years to perform 60 hours of work at one or two hours a week

*Dennis Lee Miles* (Director) *E.V.T.I. inc*.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM <> *(Adviser)*
EVTI-EVAEducation Chapter
Phone (813) ID4 - E V T I or (813) 434 - 3884
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