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From: Mark Grasser

>>>? ? Why then are the other Conversion Shop owners to whom I have spoken
>recently still giving away their work for one or two thousand dollars per
>vehicle?? THEY are STUCK in 1970 Pricing and in HOBBY mode; taking months
>years to perform 60 hours of work at one or two hours a week

And what about the hundreds of hours spent on the phone talking to
people about EV's to get that one job.

>Further I wish product were top notch.

After my post about the controllers that didn't ,,, I got a call from
an old customer who/s batteries where getting old ,, After talking
about batteries I told him how well he was doing with keeping his LS
controller alive and how few had lived , and what was his secret to
keeping it going . His last repair had come back with the amps turned
down so 200 amps was all he ever say , he had fans and used only 1st
and 2ed gear. Next day he had it in 4th by mistake and blow the
controller. Blown controller and 2 year old dieing batteries he's
ready to sell this s 10 that he worked on so hard and did a beautiful
conversion , even painted it . Not only has he lost faith but
everybody that has watched him over the 2 years now KNOWS ev's just
don't work. Well at least he's not suing me for his money back ,,, He
wants to know what he can sell it for ,,,PFC charger , 9' net gain
motor iota dc to dc , e meter ,,, I'm thinking he might get 3 or 4k,
he wants $5500.

> I am going to start producing my own
EV product soon because of stories (well and my car is going to need them as
completion approaches) about chargers that don't work and that don't have
class A or B noise rejection, balancers that are not precise or high enough
current. Ah but then there are the balancers that do work but cost a grand!!
I think that is wrong too!<<<

good for you ,,, And I'm going to keep on also ,, Just don't put your
neck out to far.

>I believe the back yard EV is just beginning but to flourish will need
QUALITY product to buy and build with, and there are plenty of people with
big money to buy really nice product.

Well when you get your product done we will test it and if its good we
will buy it and if you can't make them fast enough or they have some
problem that only a fool can find , we will complain about it , I
think you may have EV madness ,, but then so do I .

I use to cut grass, had lots of cash
and built EV's just for a song
Now I do it full time , Its not rally a crime
EV madness I've had very long.
Steve Clunn

Just my two amps.

Mark Grasser

Tomorrows Ride TODAY !
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