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IT'S ALIVE! ALIVE, HA HA HA HA! Somehow the Frankenstein referent
seems appropriate.
I got the motor in, Jim did such a great job. No shorts. Got the
controller in, batteries hooked up and she runs. Ok backing out of
the garage and turning around and backing back in isn't much, but its
a start. The batteries are now getting a full charge as a string.
Tomorrow I will start exercising them, they have been sitting way too
Things to do. Permanent hook up for the chargers, no more clips. Go
ahead and put the BMS on the batteries, they are flooded but it can't
hurt. Hook in adapter for the IOTA. hook up the wires so the Ammeter
and percent of charge are working. Air up tires. Crap, I thought I
was close to being done! ; )

R. M. Milliron

1981 Jet Electrica

This machine has been garaged for 17 years.
I am upgrading it and getting it running. Tabitha,
my daughter, named it, "Pikachu". It's yellow and black,
electric and contains Japanese parts, so I went with it.

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