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Would you buy an appliance if an outlet costing 15% of the price was
required to plug it in?

Price Gouging in the USA is highly frowned upon and in times of Emergency is
often illegal. We arrested and fined individuals after Hurricane Andrew in
Miami and Katrina in New Orleans for selling portable electric generators
for premium prices of two to ten times the usual.

Why then are we allowing dozens of firms all over the USA to charge the
American Public *twenty times the usual price* for an electric outlet and
installing it in their garage? Requiring citizens to waste $2,750 more than

What am I talking about? The so called =93Charging Stations=94 being insta=
in the homes of every individual who wants to buy a =93Plug-In =93electric
vehicle. An Electric or Hybrid Plug-In Vehicle is required to have a
=93Specialized Outlet=94 to connect the charging unit actually located in t=
Vehicle. WHY ?

In every home laundry area are two outlets, one is for the Washer it is 120
v. @ 15 a. and there are dozens of outlets all around your home just like
that (Stated simply, If you can plug in a Toaster, you can usually plug in
an EV.)The other one is for the Electric Dryer it is 208 to 240 v. @ 30 a. =
you own a Recreational Camper those come with a cord that plugs right in to
one or the other, but if you get a new Electric Vehicle, you must buy a
$3,000 socket and cord set and pay an additional $1,000 TO $2,000 to have it
installed. However to add an additional Dryer Outlet only costs about $250
including the parts needed.

Why then does an EV need a $5,000 outlet? Because, the Underwriter=92s
Laboratory said it? That is not reasonable. The only justification is
Safety, but I can plug a $300,000 RV bus into a =93Dryer Outlet=94 and the
10,000 plug-in vehicles in the USA today can plug into a =93dryer outlet=94=
or a
=93Standard home outlet=94 So that argument is unsubstantiated. If there =
concern to have a =93Ground Fault=94 protection, build it into the car. Tha=
t is
the proven method with Recreational Vehicles like Motor-homes.

IMHO, the j1772 connection is inhibiting the public adoption of Electric
"Plug-In" Vehicles. I ask "Why should we pay to have data collected
regarding our habits? Let the utilities pay , Why should we pay for this
Data collection so the "Charging Station" companies can then SELL the data
to the electric Utilities? The Idea does not sit well with me. Do you Like
it ? ? ?

-- =

*Dennis Lee Miles* (Director) *E.V.T.I. inc*.
*www.E-V-T-I-Inc.COM <> *(Adviser)*
EVTI-EVAEducation Chapter
Phone (813) ID4 - E V T I or (813) 434 - 3884
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