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[EVDL] J1772 to NEMA 14-50 adaptors for sale on eBay

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I have one of these (the exact ones for sale on eBay), which I tested for
the manufacturer by charging my two EVs with this adaptor from a
UL-certified ClipperCreek CS-40 J1772 EVSE, to verify that everything works
fine, including the pilot emulator (consisting of a diode and resistor)
inside the adaptor. In 3 hours of charging, drawing ~27 Amps at 240V, the
entire adaptor remained cool to the touch, as were the pins down inside the
J1772 vehicle inlet in the adaptor, which I touched with my pinky
immediately upon charge completion.

The manufacturer went through several prototype design and testing
iterations of his J1772 vehicle inlet, which he developed (to and in
accordance with the published SAE J1772:2010 specs) and manufacturers
himself, and tested it to UL standards (with a UL-certified 30-Amp Yazaki
J1772 connector/cable set) at 30 Amps, with a permitted temperature rise of
30 degrees C over 5 hours at 150% of the rated amperage, in this case 30
Amps, so running the 5-hour test at 45 Amps (actually he ran it for 6
hours), which his J1772 vehicle inlet passed.

The manufacturer is a local EAA chapter president, a 30-year hardware design
engineer, PhD-EE, and former EE professor at one of the nation's top
engineering schools. I have known him for several years and can say that he
has very high, demanding, exacting standards of quality and safety.

Other than being a member of the same local EAA chapter, and having tested
his adaptor as a courtesy, I do not have any business or commercial
connection, relationship, or financial interest in any way with his
manufacturing and selling of these J1772 to NEMA 14-50 adaptors and won't
benefit from their sale. Nor do I have any business or commercial
relationship with this manufacturer in any other area of EVs or any other
field, and have no shared or common financial interests with him (that I
know of). Nor did the manufacturer suggest or ask me to make his post. But
I *am* excited that there are now good, high-quality J1772 to 14-50 adaptors
available to EVers, so I'm happy to announce this availability and to
personally vouch for these adaptors and for the manufacturer.

With regard to quantity, I'm not sure how many he has made in this first
batch, but I think just a few, in order to first see what kind of demand
there is. I guess he thought that eBay would be the best distribution
medium to reach as wide a market as possible. If there is sufficient
demand, he will run off a second, larger production batch.

One last thing I'll add. I've got some OEM J1772 vehicle inlets, and when I
put them side by side with this small manufacturer's J1772 vehicle inlet, I
like the latter better and feel that it is a higher quality construction,
more sturdy, and has better heat dissipation properties.

Charles Whalen
Delray Beach, Florida

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