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My 1981 Jet Electrica battery disconnect failed, probably from wear
causing insufficient tension, and resulted in arcing and melting
of the brass screw (modified) that contacted a heavy copper bus.

I obtained the 2 1/2 inch by 3/8 16 threads per inch
brass screw from McMaster and ground the round head flat
and reassembled the unit.

As an emergency work-around when we lost power I bolted
the battery cable direct to the fuse, by-passing the
disconnect. This removes the manual disconnect and
leaves you somewhat unprotected. (9/16 inch wrench!)

The disconnect was made by DE-STA-CO and is probably one
of these:

It has been modified with a small tab welded on for the
pull wire to the big red E under the dash.

CAUTION! A plastic ferrule insulates the pull wire
from the hold-down and if improperly oriented can lead to battery
voltage applied to the wire, and then ground.

John in Sylmar, CA
Who lost 5 minutes on the road, and 3 days awaiting the brass screw.

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