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[EVDL] Just finished Day One with the 2012 Toyota Plug In Prius.....

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Hello Fellow EVers!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know I am being given the opportunity to "test"
the 2012 Plug In Prius as one of 600 people worldwide for testing purposes
for 1 month.

I'm extremely excited to test this "plug in hybrid" car so I figured I would
share some of my insights with this group of fellow EVers.

I got the car today from the delivery company around lunch time and the car
had been driven about 4 hours up to NJ from Maryland. Needless to say, when
I got it the LiFePo4 traction battery was already drained so the first thing
I did was plug it in. It came with a 120v 12amp charger plug that plugged
into the cars J1772 inlet just behind the drivers front tire.

I let it charge about 1 hour and then decided to take it for a ride up to
pick up something across town at a friend's place. It had charged up to
about 7 miles of EV range according to the dashboard measure and I proceeded
to cautiously drive the car. What I found interesting was that at 35mph it
stayed in EV mode. I took it up to 50 mph and it was still in EV mode! That
is good news because the conversions I have done on the Gen II Prius cars
all leave EV mode at around 32 to 35 mph unless you force the car into
Stealth mode.

I came back home from the first trip and gave it another 1hr of charge and
then it was back up to 7.8 miles of EV driving. I took it out for another
10 mile trip to the supermarket and while parked in front of the store
waiting for my wife I had two people stop to talk to me about it. Who says
there isn't a market for these cars!!! The car is suppose to have only 15
miles of EV range which isn't much at all so that is one drawback but I must
say it was fun to drive and great to know that initially I was gas free!!!

I'll post more if I learn anything interesting about the car.


Douglas A. Stansfield
973-875-6276 (office)
973-670-9208 (cell)
973-440-1619 (fax)


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